We created a brand new multiplatform interface design for the Aga Khan Development Network's first-ever dynamic website.

In creating this design concept for such a prolific network of development agencies whom we highly regard for their excellent work in over 30 countries across the globe, we attempted to accurately reflect the network's identity and values through aesthetics and functionality.

We wanted the design to be able to be used on any device, on any internet connection anywhere in the world - it is responsive and uses images to lead visitors through various narratives yet sparingly and with clever techniques like lowering the image quality and filesize through semi-transparent versioning.  

The whole design was created with the knowledge that Drupal 7 would be employed by the contracted engineering firm to build the site out and we based our design on that knowledge; planning for them to make good use of Views and Panels to power dynamic list pages, slideshows and so on plus other modules for media handling such as Imagecache.