The Ismaili

Interface design concepts used in creating the first ever dynamic/CMS-driven website for the Ismaili Muslim community.

Through an initial stakeholder analysis we defined target groups of general and specific site users and outlined differences between the existing (static HTML) website and their wants of an online interface truly representative of this dynamic community.

Knowing that we were designing for Drupal 7, we were able to create interfaces for the new website with full knowledge that they would be able to be implemented by the contracted engineering firm.  The design was created to be responsive and work across desktop, mobile and tablet devices in a way that brought imagery and video to the forefront of editorial expression.

Our design had to not only reflect aesthetic values of the community but use them to express its overall identity as well as that of its institutions - we created a series of screens using a common visual grid system which meant that elements could be repositioned across the site by editors/admins to reflect their relative value to the site visitor as they navigated to different screens.

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