People Downtown Radio

People Downtown is a new online radio station streaming various forms of dance music live from Toronto, Canada.  We built a site to invite feedback, user-submitted tracks for stream inclusion and the streaming audio platform.

This project entails 2 components from the outset; a CMS-powered website and a web-based music management system.  We also employed a couple of simple ways to integrate the front end of both.

The website for this radio station allows listeners to submit tracks - they are uploaded to the site and automatically embedded into a list page with a flash music player; people can then listen to and rate the tracks right on the website.  As more music is submitted and rated on, the most popular tracks will be put on high rotation.  The website is also a blog at core, which lets the station owners/maintainers keep the audience abreast of news and events.  Listeners can also leave their feedback on the site - which is displayed on a dedicated page as a comments thread.

One of our services at Design Guru is audio streaming; this project entailed us running a web-based package that lets the radio stream curators upload music via ftp and then login to a website, create playlists on-the-fly out of the uploaded music with complex rotation rules and playlist weighting.  The user interface is very scaled-down and simple to use and changes to any live playlist can be made ad-hoc whenever our client feels like it.

The radio software we run for People Downtown powers a dedicated shoutcast server stream that can be listened to in any media player or embedded into a website.  We've included play links on the station website, as well as javascript-powered dynamic listings of the current and recent tracks played by the stream.

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