Reach Personal Training

A new digital communications strategy and website for Reach, one of Canada's leading personal training studios.

After consulting this boutique personal training studio's founders, staff and a selection of customers we set about creating a unique aesthetic for their website which involved commissioning custom photography (including background imagery, headshots of staff/trainers and more.)

The aim was to create a very simple site which allowed staff to make dynamic updates to the content areas as well as imagery used throughout - so we ended up using Wordpress.  As well, we wanted to automate some content population as Reach is active on Instagram - so we crafted a newsfeed section which lets staff post to the CMS and have those posts automatically display alongside instagram posts which are pulled in magically through the Instagram API and backed up locally on-site (in the event that Instagram goes down or Reach closes its account, the website will still have all the content imported from Instagram.)

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