Rocket Chat

For dispersed teams who need to be able to connect with chat, video and audio, Rocket Chat is a fast and reliable solution which offers tons of integrations and enterprise functionality.  *We offer professional services and a complete SaaS option for turn-key RocketChat deployments via our RocketChatLauncher brand.

Built on the solid Meteor Javascript platform, Rocket Chat's codebase is lean and allows for a ton of integration points with other software. Plus, a killer feature most businesses love is the ability to embed a chat widget onto a public website which is powered directly within a chatroom - so a whole team can jump into conversation with people who aren't setup as members on Rocket chat.

Some features we love:


Chat with your colleagues and friends face-to-face over audio and video.

Helpdesk Chat

Have your website visitors contact you in real-time and increase conversions - no more need for bloated customer support software if all you want to do is talk to customers.

File sharing

Drag'n'drop files directly into chat to upload them for your team to share and download.

Voice messaging

Record audio directly into chat - you can use this for recording meetings to transcribe later or to leave team members voice messages which they can playback whenever they'd like.

Link Previews

As soon as you post a link into a chat it will display a preview of the site or content you are linking to, which makes for a really engaging experience.


The fact that Rocket Chat has an API means that we can create custom integrations with it and code custom additional features/functions based on the needs of the community using it. Our clients on Rocket Chat will immediately have access to integrations with GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Confluence and other popular software.

Native Apps

Your team can access chat from their web browser or applications (custom themed and branded) for Linux, Windows and MacOSX!

Mobile Apps

Mobile client applications on Android and iOS allow your team to stay in touch even when they are away from their desk, anywhere in the world.

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