What We Do

Our expertise connects people using web, mobile and IoT technologies.

designguru is a full-service digital agency that takes a holistic project approach - bringing strategic design to social software development.

Our Services:

Though not exhaustive, the following list relates some core competencies we bring to our work:

Project Ideation
  • Information Gathering.
  • Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Product Strategy.
  • Competitive Analysis.

User Interface Design

  • Illustration/Icon Design.
  • Web (integrated design for all stakeholders - from anonymous users to administration, providing cohesive experiences with contextual interfacing.)
  • Mobile (for web apps as well as native-OS apps.)

User Interface Testing

  • Custom testing methodology & use-case definition.
  • Observational analysis (controlled environment testing.)
  • Reporting analysis.

Employing community tools

  • Chat/Messaging platforms.
  • WebRTC based Video conferencing solutions.
  • Intranets.
  • Forums.
  • Private file sharing/document storage services.

Web Application Development

  • Prototyping (proof-of-concept interactive apps - from hand-coded HTML/Javascript to database-driven applications.)
  • CMS-driven publishing solutions (using Open Source software including Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.)
  • Custom software (with all sorts of frameworks, languages and database types incl. JS/Meteor/PHP/MySQL/MongoDB)

Mobile Application Development

  • Web application prototyping and development (using HTML5 with javascript frameworks such as Jquery Mobile and Phone Gap to deliver cross-platform web apps.)
  • Native OS application prototyping and development (iOS & Android)